Wallpaper for bathroom

Those who like the universe of decoration know that opting for practical and versatile items is one of the best ways to renovate environments with economy. Using wallpaper in your bathroom, for example, is a great option to make it beautiful, elegant and cozy without complications.

Having questions about how to use the wallpaper in your bathroom? Finish them by reading our post. Good reading!

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There are countless combinations of types of pattern, pattern and texture available, which can be used together or associated with other coatings, such as painting, tiles or porcelain.

Without breaking, without dirt and without difficulties for the installation, the wallpaper is the most practical option to change the decoration.

Cost benefit
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Choose a style for decoration

Among the various style options you can follow:

Combine dark blue, burgundy and brown prints with light colored furniture (or other coverings) (like beige, cream or white) and dark wood items (mahogany and rosewood, for example).


Bet on floral or striped wallpapers in pastel colors, combined with Provencal style wooden items or cast iron. Complete the romantic decor with flower pots (especially roses) and a round or oval mirro


Select a striped, checkered or floral print in soft tones of green, blue, yellow, beige, pink and white and include decorative objects made of crystal, silver and porcelain, in addition to candles.

Shabby Chic

Prioritize shades of antique pink, peach, aqua green and lilac when choosing your wallpaper and complement the decor with objects.


Choose prints that mix olive, brown and purple and items in vivid shades of violet and yellow. Use clay accessories and pots with plants to complete the bucolic mood.


Harmonize a brightly colored geometric wallpaper with neutral coatings and pieces of art and design, such as paintings and sculptures. A large, frameless mirror completes the decor in this style.


Use wallpapers that mimic rustic coatings and adopt this style in your bathroom – without worrying about dust on the peeled bricks or unwanted insects on the wood. Combine with plaid prints and add pieces of wood.


For an environment full of freshness, use wallpapers in shades of orange, yellow and red with floral prints, light wood furniture and vases with plants.


If the goal is to surprise in an unusual way, make a themed decoration based on your favorite movie, the current series or a theme such as bar, lego, cars and motorcycles, geek or old posters, for example. You will certainly find the ideal wallpaper to compose your environment.

Enhance your bathroom space with the right wallpaper


To give the feeling of larger walls, use horizontal and diagonal stripes or prints with small designs. To make the room with the ceiling height “higher”, use the vertical stripes.


In a low-light bathroom, the ideal is to give preference to wallpapers with a light base (white, beige or pastel tones) and colors that reflect more light, such as yellow.

Make cozy

A large amount of smooth coatings, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, leave the environments cold. To make them more comfortable, apply wallpaper that reproduces natural materials – such as wood – and fabrics – such as plaid.

Leave sophisticated

If the challenge is to make your bathroom more refined and elegant, bet on arabesque prints to cover the walls.


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