How does tropical wallpaper transform an environment?

How is the tropical decor?

What really cannot be lacking in the environment are the prints. With floral motifs, animal designs or foliage, they add to the style and help make the room more relaxed. Take the opportunity to apply them on upholstery, rugs or curtains and, without a doubt, on the wall – in one or all, don’t be afraid to experiment.

With the right design and in harmony with the colors used in the room, the prints are not heavy and still offer an air of sophistication to the decoration. And in that regard, a tropical wallpaper can help a lot.

How to match tropical wallpaper?

Although the tropical style has many elements, it is possible to apply each one of them in order to form a harmonic whole and without exaggeration.

Wallpaper can contribute a lot to the decor. For this, choose reasons that refer to nature, such as coconut trees, fruits, wild animals, among others. Smaller prints bring balance to a decor with different colors, while larger prints can contribute as a standout element for more discreet environments.

Unlike what we usually think, prints with tropical motifs perfectly match different styles of decor. Whether for country, eclectic, boho or even glamorous environments, the choice of wallpaper depends only on the resident’s taste to match different decorative items in the house and convey what you want for the room.

To decorate the room without clash with the tropical wallpaper, use colorful vases or handcrafted wicker baskets, which can contain small plants and bring more life to the space. Cactuses and succulents perfectly match the style and convey a delicious natural freshness.

For curtains and tablecloths, choose those with light, fresh fabrics and generally wooden furniture with a rustic finish. For sofas, specifically, use light upholstery in contrast to colorful patterned pillows. Complete the decor with ceramic items, natural fiber objects and other rustic elements.

How to use colored wallpapers?

As it could not be otherwise, to create a very tropical environment it is necessary to abuse the colors. You can mix three or four vibrant tones in a single room and mix them with very neutral ones like white or beige. This way, the environment is very happy and relaxed, but without the weight that so many colors together can entail.

Take the opportunity to explore the color of everything that reflects tropicality, such as flowers, fruits and foliage. Being afraid of exaggerating or not getting the combination of elements right is no reason to curb the use of colors in wallpaper. After all, using tropical motifs to enhance the decor can be simpler than you might think.

The colors most used in tropical decoration are blue, yellow and green, very Brazilian, as well as pink and lilac, which resemble floral motifs. Neutral nuances, on the other hand, help not to overload the environment and allow attention to be focused on certain elements.

To start without too much risk, apply the pattern in a timely manner or choose a part of the house to test the style, using smooth walls in the rest of the room, in a contrasting or complementary color. White, in general, goes well with any tropical print and guarantees the right effect. However, the color is the most important part of a tropical wall.

Pay attention to a necessary detail: while looking for a tropical style wallpaper template, you’d better start by evaluating the furniture you already own, to find the best combination.

For neutral and discreet, enjoy the exuberance of colored papers. Now, if the environment is already full of color, look for a wallpaper with less colors, with very tropical nuances in harmony with others more neutral, such as green and beige, harmonizing with the rest of the decor.

Do you want to guarantee inspiration and change your wallpaper for a very tropical model? So get in touch with us and discover everything we can do to help you decorate your home!

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